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Martial Arts Industry Association         The pinnacle body for Martial Arts in Australia (MAIA)

Australian Hapkido Federation Inc'     The ONLY Hapkido recognized by MAIA

Korea Hapkido Federation                     The world central body for Hapkido

Martial Art Online                                       The world's new martial art directory

TKD Australia                                             The Australian central body for Taekwondo

TKD NSW                                                    NSW Division of TKD Australia

Korea Taekwondo Kukkiwon                The world central body Taekwondo

Grand Master Sung Soo Lee                  Blog site for Grand Master Sung Soo Lee                 

I.T. Support (Sponsor)                              PUREIT- Professional PC support             Australian Hapkido & Taekwondo Academy

JC Martial Arts- Melbourne                       Web Site for Dr John Jory- Melbourne

brisbanetaekwondocentre                        Website for Adam Wilson

Dutch Hapkido Association                      Hapkido events internationally                            Website for Dan Riff

Self Defence Training                                 Website to

Favourite Search Engines No 1                Google

Favourite Search Engine No 2                  Yahoo

pdspersonaldefensesystems                    DVD's and CD's from Ken Keiscome (USA)

Telstra                                                               Communications support               Website for Peter Rozario

SAFE KIDS- UK                                                Protecting Yourself

iGo Figure Software                                        The iGo Figure Member & Customer Management Software

                                                                              for  any martial arts business.

Sanctioned Violence Gear                            Sanctioned Violence is an online Company offering Mixed

                                                                              Martial Arts promotional clothing, products and much more


Martial Arts Karate and Self Defence Melbourne.


YouTube                                                            Broadcast yourself


Martial Arts Hapkido                                           Martial Arts Hapkido consist of circular motions incorporating kicks, punches

                                                                                throwing, joint- locks and submission techniques. Hyun's Hapkido school is

                                                                                the most experienced martial art school offering Hapkido and Taekwondo

                                                                                 in the Midwest (USA).








































































World Free Encyclopedia                               For Free

Microsoft Corporation                                    The worlds leading software supplies

Australian Government                                    Proud to be Australian

USA Government                                               Proudly supporting Australia

The official website of the Republic of Korea        Proudly supporting the Korea Hapkido Federation

Automated Marketing Veretekk                     Website marketing tools

Newscorp                                                             Worlds leading news reporting

Optus                                                                     YES to communications competition

Toyota Cars, Trucks, SUVs & Accessories    The world's leading car retailer

harley-davidson                                                   The world's best motorcycles

myspace                                                                Keeping friends together

Freinds Reunited                                                 Bringing families and friends together                                                        Australian and worldwide news

Welcome to Facebook!                                       Friends together

Naver                                                                        Korea's popular blog sites






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