Last Updated; 2/02/13

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Text Box: AJS Self Defence
Hapkido/ Taekwondo/ 6 Week Ladies Self Defence
1B 202 Sunnyholt rd Blacktown/ PO Box 4142 Lalor Park NSW 2147
Ph 0447 632 634 
Email:hapkido@bigpond.com www.selfdefence.com.au Facebook- Ajs Self Defence



Text Box: Main Events
3/03/13- ISKA Championships
5/03/13- 1st AJS 6 Week Ladies Self Defence Course
10/03/13- Planned AJS Interclub Tournament
7/04/13- TA NSW State Championships
10/04/13- 1st round of Grading for 2013



Text Box: NEW HALL
Well folks, as most of you already know the move to the new hall is complete. Still have plenty of dressing up to do around the place but Iím sure agree that the extra space is great. 
The main signs from the old hall have been moved across. I am getting quotes to post some new signage for the northern side (Vardys rd side). Each week I plan to make an addition to the hall. I am thinking about hanging all of my dan certificates, but that would be 24 frames; maybe too many. If you have any suggestions or improvements please pass them on for consideration.
Out of the move, we found that the old mats (that were under the floor in the old hall) cannot be placed together to make the full 100 floor mat. That said, anyone that wants to take some or all of the old mats are welcome to do so. They can still be pieced together in small groups of mats or with a great deal of effort all the remaining mats could be. 10 have been taken already so be quick. If there are any left in two week I will through them out.







Text Box: December Grading Results
All results have now been handed to the club members. The website will soon be updated with your new grading position. All students of AJS Self Defence are listed at http://www.selfdefence.com.au/Hall%20of%20Fame.htm




Text Box: Training Accounts
All training account will be updates during the first week of February. All payments are to be made by internet banking transfer or cash (No eftpos or credit card payment are available)





Text Box: First Tournament for 2013
Our first official tournament invitation for 2013 is the ISKA games on March 3 2013. If there is enough genuine interest we will need to run tournament training session to prepare. Please let me know ASAP if you are interested.


Text Box: Would you like $30.00 CASH???
For 2012, the club finders fee will increase to $30.00. Introduce a new student and receive a $30.00 finder fee when they sign up! Itís that easy!!! Go and support your club!!



Text Box: AJS Tournaments
This year I want to introduce AJS Tournaments. They would be only small games at the Blacktown Centre. Initially we would be inviting only my Instructors/ branch classes; Hassall Grove, South Blacktown, Glenwood and Kellyville.
If the interest is ther ewe will run the games every two months. Stayed tuned for updates!!




Text Box: AJS Year Calendar
Our calendar webpage has been updated with the major events planned for the year. It includes all public and school holidays. The address is; 









Text Box: Leading expert
You are the worldís leading expert when it comes to your own life. You know better than anyone else what you truly desire, whatís most important to you, and what you most enjoy doing. Itís always helpful to consider the advice and opinions of others. Yet itís rarely ever a good idea to let anyone else make your decisions for you. A lifetime of experience has given you a unique and valuable perspective on whatís best for your life. When youíre seeking some good advice, be sure to listen to your own. Yes, itís easier to blindly follow someone elseís advice than it is to think for yourself. Plus, when things donít work out you have someone to blame. Youíre far better off, however, following your own best instincts when it comes to the direction of your life. Sure, that means you must take full responsibility, and yet with that responsibility comes the possibility of real fulfilment. Listen to others, learn from others, and let their positive examples inspire you. Then decide for yourself, move confidently forward and live the life you were truly meant to live






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In the kitchen..
BBQ split prawns with chilli, oregano and olive oil
Ĺ cup extra virgin olive oil
2 teaspoons dried oregano
1 tablespoon fresh oregano leaves, chopped
2 teaspoons dried chilli flakes
sea salt & cracked black pepper
16 king prawns, butterflied from underneath
Mix the olive oil with the oreganos, chilli & seasoning and brush over the flesh of the prawns; allow to marinate for as long as possible.

Preheat a barbecue plate or char-grill over medium high heat and cook prawns shell side down for 3 minutes. Turn over and cook for a further 30 seconds.

Remove from hot plate and brush more of the dressing over the prawn flesh & serve.